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Texture scaling quality vs. Native Android scaling
Started by inmatrix Jan 22 2019 10:23 AM

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I'm new to corona, but not new to Android development.


When developing natively, I would use "createScaledBitmap" to perform a high quality bitmap down-scaling to device-resolution and then cache the resulting bitmap for later runs so performance isn't impacted.  This approach is recommended by google:


There was not a lot of information about the scaler used by Corona, but from very initial testing, it seems to be unfiltered bilinear, while I was hoping to reach Bicubic/Lanczos scaling quality.


My question is two-fold:


1. Is it possible to setup the scaler quality to use a better than default quality algorithm?

2. Can I access Android's "createScaledBitmap" from corona (there is also a comparable function in Windows)?