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"The app name you entered is already being used"
Started by d2gp Jan 16 2019 10:21 PM

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When I first conceived of my first app I wanted to call it "Music History in a Flash!". For some reason that I have long forgotten, I wound up deleting it and then found I couldn't reuse the name. I ended up calling the app "Music History Flashcards" instead. 


So I decided today to see if I could resurrect this old name that I had long believed was out of reach forever. I tried to register the app on iTunes connect and, as expected, was told that the app name is already being used. Then I read on another forum that you can get around this by setting a different primary language. So I tried again, this time with UK English instead of Canadian, and it worked. I got my old app name back.


Is this legit or somehow problematic? I feel vaguely like I've cheated or something. 

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Not an expert but as long as you are not trying to use somebody else's trademark, I don't see a problem.