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Google SignIN Plugin + Notifications V2 + Firebase Auth
Started by altafr Jan 11 2019 01:44 AM

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googlesignin firebaseauth notification.v2
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Hi Guys,


We are using   "google sign" plugin to login with google for one of our application. We are facing a problem with Scott googleSignIn plugin along with notification.v2 plugin. We are unable to compile the build for iOS. We found a solution on Corona forum to add fire-based Auth plugin to solve this build issue.
With this the build issue was solved but we are failing to register properly for push notifications on iOS. The fire-base Auth seems to assign an invalid 152 character device token iOS.

"iOS Exception While Sending Message to : eNusGzBtQKI:APA91bEIiYFhGWRgKrQWfKxy80qeRn5kHaVZ2cUYL-jbFlVP4euobJDztz6JAr7Z40ElS8hI4yXhfyWujW8IfBsS8S86edJoP_PvLeT1bd3FHMtJd3sH-jQRk4uFraPV1hHCt6tSfL7y Error :Device Token has a length of [152] and not the require"
 Are we doing something wrong? is someone else facing same problem ? If this is  so then when we can expect a solution kindly help us ASAP.

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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This seems to be the same issue you're reporting here.




Is this a different issue? If it's not, please use the other thread.