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Themes for use of client-server applications
Started by tuyenhq1994 Jan 09 2019 07:45 PM

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I need to create a small application with the city news.
I am a professional in PHP and newbie in Android. I like corona , but as I understand it for games, and a big emphasis on it. The question is whether to use corona for my purposes?
I can't use newTextField in theme:
-- Your code here
local widget = require( "widget" )
-- Set a default theme
widget.setTheme( "widget_theme_android" )
local numericField
local function textListener( event )
    if ( event.phase == "began" ) then
        -- User begins editing "numericField"
-- Create text field
numericField = native.newTextField( 150, 150, 180, 30 )
numericField.inputType = "number"
numericField:addEventListener( "userInput", textListener )
but I do not see a beautiful field instead of the usual design Android.
Please tell me how to use the basic template from Android?Maybe you have the source components?
With dimensions even worse, if in android studio (I don't like it) about you to understand something, then you have nonsense
Please help in 2 things.
1. Use a template for Android
2. Responsive(adaptive) design
Thanks in advance.
Sorry for the English.


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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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I suggest you look at the Corona Business App sample: https://github.com/coronalabs-samples/business-app-sample


This demonstrates many non-game features that an app may want to integrate including a news feed using RSS and sample input forms. 


The native.newTextField() uses text fields native to the OS they are running on. If you're using the simulator running on Windows, you're going to get a windows style text window. If you're running it on a Mac, you're going to get a macOS style box. When you build your app for Android and run it on Android, you should get an Android style input box.


You can also use this third-party library to get a more Android Material look for your apps:  https://github.com/arcadefx/material-ui