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Password for Alias not found, or the Java JDK was not found
Started by jkappes01 Dec 28 2018 11:54 AM

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 I realize there are posts on this, but any solutions in other posts have not helped me.


I am currently trying to build my app for Android, and whenever I enter the default password "android" for the keystore, I receive the error, "Password for Alias not found, or the Java JDK was not found"


I have updated Java, my current version is 8, update 192. My corona version is 2018.3326. I just installed an up to date version of Java JDK, although it had me download Java SE. (Maybe this is my problem?)


The debug.keystore file was in C:\Program Files (x86)\Corona Labs\Corona\Resources... I tried to run Corona as an administrator and it still did not work. The Debug.keystore file IS NOT read-only. I moved the file to my desktop, and changed the file location... still no luck. Maybe the debug.keystore file is corrupt or outddated? I uninstalled Corona and deleted the debug.keystore before I reinstalled a newer version of Corona, hoping to get a new copy of debug.keystore, but instead the same copy just showed up somehow...


Any help is appreciated :)


Thanks, Jason