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how to update marker location in mapviews
Started by kakula Dec 09 2018 05:07 PM

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mapview marker update
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i have a case where i'm loading a mapview and adding markers


i also want my position to update as i move


i did it by setting a timer function to remove marker and add it again, also setting the center again with myMap:setCenter


mt problem is that the image icon i'm using for gps location is doing some annoying transition falling from above on the map .... first time it shows it looks cool, but when you refresh each 5 or 10 seconds it looks weird and keeps falling ... is there a way to make it just move . ... similar to Uber Taxi Cabs for example ... it doesn't have to be smooth transition but at least no falling


local function refreshMyLoaction()
    if result1~=nil then
        local currentLocation = myMap:getUserLocation()
        myMap:removeMarker( result1 )
        local opt1={
                title = "You'r here",
                subtitle ="",
                imageFile =  "images/gps3.png",
          result1, errorMessage1 = myMap:addMarker( currentLocation.latitude, currentLocation.longitude,opt1 )
          myMap:setCenter( currentLocation.latitude, currentLocation.longitude )