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Started by fkilius Dec 05 2018 11:46 AM

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tgkill+12 assertnopendingexception carsh

Best Answer vlads , 12 December 2018 - 09:30 AM


This look much better! Here are symbolicated crashes. What happens here is following:

1. Update Display::Update(), which dispatches "enterFrame" event.

2. Then it executes the event and error during invocation or executing of the event.


Enter Frame can have many things in it, it's a workhorse of things like transitions or timers, so error may happen like inside a timer or transition, trying to access deleted widget or display object or something.


So this error is caused by some Lua code, and should be reproducible. Also, it is weird, because usually Lua errors should not crash the app. Do you use some custom error handling?

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Thanks for your help Vlads, we found an issue with a timer handler in the new mini game. I hope that this is the issue that was looking for. We already released a new version, so lets wait and see.

It would be great if someday we can get the stacktrace in play console just like we have in simulator, logcat, etc.

Best Regards

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