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I want a motion capture studio What should I buy?
Started by pascalcuestas Nov 21 2018 06:51 PM

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I want to create a small animation Motion Capture studio to create quality videos for YouTube/promote a business. I have been researching IClone7 software and Motion Builder as well as some motion capture suits like the Perception Neuron motion capture suit for 1,500 dollars.

My question is, if you had a couple hundred thousand to spend. What motion capture software would be the best and what suit(s) would you buy? I need to make a budget that would include everything that I would need.

Also any links would be helpful. Thanks, I’m sorry I’m a little clueless.

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Rob Miracle

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Hello @pascalcuestas and welcome to the Corona Community Forums.


These forums are for people to discuss using Corona to build apps and games. This is not a forum to learn about motion capture. We would love for you to learn more about Corona, but we can't help you with this question.