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Random crashes on iOS during startup
Started by krystian6 Nov 19 2018 01:56 AM

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It's been quite a long time since the last time i came here...


Recently we were asked to update one of the games we have created to the latest version of Corona/iOS etc.

After we did and it was released, a waterfall of issues has started to fall down on us.


They are super hard to reproduce (actually, we were unable to do it in-house, we only get reports from QA).


The scenario of reproduction:



Although it took me some more effort to reproduce (shut down internet 5-6 times during launch without bugs or warnings on iPad Air 2), the same issue still appeared. When the issue appears, i was shown 3 different dialogs (error1.png to error3.png) in 3 successive launch fails/crashes which can be seen below.

I relaunched the game about 20 times afterwards, usually the game crashed during splashscreen without warning, sometimes the game launched without a problem and one time i saw an error dialog again.
When turning on internet again, I could launch the game without a problem (tried 5 times)


I won't include the screenshots, but the errors are like:


- cannot call a nil value - when calling a function which is defined in native code... quite a surprise

ERROR: Runtime error
attempt to concatenate a nil value
stack traceback:
	[C]: in function 'publishInstall'
	?: in function <?:207>
	?: in function 'cloneArray'
	?: in function <?:190>

This one comes from the Facebook's v4 plugin - publishInstall function.


There was also an error coming from the Corna SDK's internal newImageRect method.


It's completely random and difficult to reproduce.


Could you please advice what could be wrong here? The error are coming from different places, the one where a native funciton is 'nil' caught me completely off guard, especially that there are no conditions to create it, it's just there when the app starts.


We have been trying to remove facebook plugin, remove game center plugin (yes, we got an error from the game center plugin as well) but if we remove them, there's an error coming from somewhere else (right now the native method created when app launches).


Any help will be appreciated