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First simple app convert to HTML
Started by GrapAp Nov 07 2018 07:05 AM

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Hello everyone,

I have recently started to learn lua and corona. And I must admit that creating an simple app is not so hard at least for a beginner ;). Of course, more advanced app/games are still ahead.

Here is my HTML demo (limited in data to save downloading) https://bit.ly/2SKmmGt .

What I can see right now that graphic look much better after compilation to normal application like Windows app or Android. HTML version looks like some graphics is missing (more awful ;)).

On Chrome works well, but on Firefox "alert window" make some error and refresh is needed to start an application again (of course still in progress at least to improve graphics ;) ).

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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You might want to grab the latest daily build to address the Firefox alert window issue. 


As for how it looks, can you share a screenshot of what it looks like in the simulator or on a device?