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noteped and todo list apps with source code using my widget/gui framework
Started by yoel12344 Nov 04 2018 04:40 AM

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*notepad (they dont let you edit the titles here, noted)

i made a framework to simplify the process of creating gui apps or "business apps". i know corona is for games usually, but i wanted to see if its possible to create a gui rich app.


notepad is a great hello world for gui and a to do list is also a great way to test a library/ frameworks features.


this is the notepad app and source code:




the to do list source code:




to do list uses composer to handle different screens(like edit,add etc).


my frameworks code is on ye.lua , it has alot of functions to simplify things, corona sdk covers alot of options, my frameworks goal is to create a more concentrated api for "common problems" and "rapid development". im still adding stuff to it.


it has no documentation as of yet, i will be working on that soon. maybe a few tuts too.




i also have a game framework for java based on slick 2d and one for javascript based on phaser.js. those cover web and desktop computers. i am porting it to corona sdk these days, almost done. this will give me the option to create apps easily too. i will share all the code with the community. 


any questions?