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Scott H Tech PDF Image Converter - page number to render problem
Started by utain99_macair Nov 01 2018 08:24 AM

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Hi Scott


I've activated the PDF Image Converter plug-in, downloaded and tested by Android mobile


and also i read plugin document in below topic


pdfImageConverter.toImage(pdfFile, pageNum, imagePath)
--convert pdf to image
pdfFile(string)(required), path to import pdf file via pathForFile
pageNum(number) page number to render (deafult is 0)


imagePath(string)(required), path to export image file via pathForFile
, so in sample project i change sample.pdf to pdf file with have many pages,
and then i set to show image that will convert from sample.pdf in page 4 by code below
pdfImageConverter.toImage(system.pathForFile( "sample.pdf"), 4,system.pathForFile("pdfImage.jpeg", system.DocumentsDirectory))  
but unfortunately image with convert from sample.pdf not render from page 4 (it render from page 1)
or i missing somethings, Any help appreciated.

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Scott Harrison

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Scott Harrison
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This has been patched