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From The Blog: Update on the new GPGS v2 plugin
Started by CoronaBot Oct 31 2018 01:49 PM

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Corona Labs would like to update you about our recent plugin for Google Play Games Services. This plugin is known as GPGS v2 and there is a breaking change to be aware of.

We’ve worked hard to make it call compatible with the older GPGS v1 plugin, however Google has changed their initialization and login process significantly. We had to make a change that you will need to adapt to so that you can successfully login and know if your app is connected.

Simply remove any calls to the gpgs.init() API and instead call gpgs.login() directly:

gpgs.login( { userInitiated=true, listener=gpgsLoginListener } )

Where gpgsLoginListener is the name of your function to handle a successful login. If you have questions about the plugin, please joins us in our community forums.

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