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Free OneSignal no longer GDPR complaint?
Started by agramonte Oct 31 2018 11:36 AM

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Since I can't find any other information anywhere and I know the onesignal folks frequent these forums. The table that shows the new pricing structure only has GDPR compliance on the two paid tiers. Did anybody else get the e-mail or knows what this means?





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Hi Agramonte,


To answer your question - you can still be GDPR compliant with the free plan - OneSignal has taken measures to reduce what data is stored for EU subscribers. If you're an EU based company, you may want to go the extra mile to ensure compliance for all subscribers (including non-EU users). Here are two options:


  1. Stay on the free plan and ask users to opt-in to share their data with services you use (including OneSignal). We recommend that you disclose and get consent by displaying a dialog box to users. Read more.

  2. Upgrade your OneSignal Plan - it starts at just $99/mo. This ensures GDPR compliance with all DPA and Model Clauses.


​Read more about OneSignal's Product and Policy Updates for GDPR.