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Real time audio processing in Corona
Started by riccardoscrizzi Oct 26 2018 07:22 AM

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audio processing real time audio audio filters low pass filter high pass filter reverb filter reverb delay echo android
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Hi, I'm currently developing a Corona app in which I'd like to apply effects on an audio track in real time while I'm moving an object on the screen. For instance, I'd like to apply a low pass filter-high pass filter, depending on the position of the object on the X-axis and an echo-reverb depending on the position of the object on the Y-axis.

It seems that Corona does not support such kind of features. I was wondering if someone would know a different kind of approach to the issue, and/or if there's some way to integrate native Android audio processing functions into the Corona Lua code.


Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: audio processing, real time audio, audio filters, low pass filter, high pass filter, reverb filter, reverb, delay, echo, android