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Releasing to Android
Started by sphamtuananh Oct 24 2018 01:43 AM

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Anybody have a general idea of the process to undergo for releasing my app to Android?


I am on their website now and it looks overwhelming, I am trying to make sense of it, but some extra help would be nice.


Thank you.

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XeduR @Spyric

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XeduR @Spyric
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Whose website are you on and can you be a little more specific about the trouble that you are experiencing? :P

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Regardless of where you plan to release your app (and as @XeduR asked, knowing more details will help), it's going to take work. Since you mentioned Android we can probably safely assume you're talking about Google Play or Amazon. But if you choose to release for iOS at some point, the Apple Store will present equal challenges.


Every marketplace is going to need descriptions, titles, promotional images, screenshots for multiple devices (tablets, phones, etc.) and other items. Then you have to select ratings for the app and answer some additional questions. Upload the binary. Write release notes, provide a privacy policy. It's a lot of work, but you just have to bear down and do it. 


If you have specific questions, make sure to let us know the platform and the specific field(s) you're having difficulty understanding and perhaps screen captures of where you're struggling.


Since you're fairly new here, there is a really important concept to make sure you get the answers you need. "Help us help you" is our motto. If you ask a generic question, you will get a generic answer. Ask specific questions, get specific answers.