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Got Distributed File Systems? (DFS)
Started by hoangnganvy1993 Oct 22 2018 07:13 PM

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Hello all.  This is a bit off topic, but then again maybe not.  I have a friend doing some work with distributed file-systems (DFS) and she wanted to know if I knew anyone who had an opinion (likes and/or dislikes) regarding DFS.  


I told her it was unlikely, since I didn't see there being much call to use DFS for app work, but then again, how can I be sure without asking...


So, if you use DFS and have likes and dislikes, please share them with me here, so I can share them with her.


She mentioned two particluar DFS implementations, but I'm interested in any and all feedback:

  2. CEPH

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Hi @hoangnganvy1993 and welcome to the Corona Community Forums.  These forums are for people to discuss Corona, a cross-platform development platform for games and apps. I doubt that you will have much success finding answers to your question here.


You might be best to find another more appropriate forum.