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From The Blog: Steamworks plugin is now open-source
Started by CoronaBot Oct 17 2018 09:23 AM

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Corona Labs is pleased to announce that the Steamworks plugin is now open-source. The Steamworks plugin is used by PC and macOS games published to Valve’s Steam service that allows support for leaderboards, achievements, user profile data, and microtransaction support.

Now you can download the repository for the plugin and add your own features and extensions to it. You will have to have a Steam developer account to be able to test the plugin. Follow Steamworks documentation (available on Steam’s developer portal) to learn how to enable Steamworks debugging and development for your game. You can get the plugin source at our GitHub repository.

You can learn more about the Steamworks plugin in our previous announcement.

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Quick question with this plugin being open sourced how would you roll in changes that the community makes? Or does this mean that the corona build version will stay the same and that you can use updated versions as native builds?

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Rob Miracle

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It's our primary intention that if you need more features, you can build your own version of the plugin. If a developer makes a pull request, we would consider making it available to the community on a case-by-case basis.