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Corona Splash Control - Application Validation Error
Started by aexol Oct 01 2018 12:33 AM

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Since today I have a problem running Corona Native apps in Xcode.

I have Corona Splash Control activated and according to your docs in order to change splash I have to replace _CoronaSplashScreen.png file.

I changed it like I always did, but since today I get native alert.


FYI:  Corona Splash Control is active on marketplace, I added it in build.settings and I run Download Plugins target as well.


How am I supposed to turn Corona Splash Control off?

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Hello. I just tried with several accounts, everything worked for me. Here's common steps to pinpoint where problem is:


  1. Make sure you have an active license for Splash Screen Control
  2. Try opening any sample (Samples button on Welcome screen)
    1. Before building a sample, open build.settings and add
      splashScreen = { enable = false },
      to disable splash screen
    2. Build the app
    3. Run it
  3. Make sure user is correct
    1. Start Corona Simulator, in Menu select Corona Simulator -> Settings
    2. Press "Deauthorize and Quit"
    3. Start Corona Simulator again and 
  4. Try with clean Native project
    1. Copy Native/Project Teplate/App, and start it.
    2. Make some changes to App/ios/_CoronaSplashScreen.png in your copy of the App ( I just delete half of it in Preview app)
    3. Start again

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splashScreen = { enable = false },

This is not work if project is copy from SimpleLuaExtension.