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From The Blog: Cool things in the Marketplace 9/28/18
Started by CoronaBot Sep 28 2018 11:00 AM

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If you haven’t peeked into the Corona Marketplace recently, it now offers dozens of plugins and assets, from art packs to audio tracks to useful utility plugins. Periodically, we will highlight a few exciting products which can help you develop your dream app using Corona.

Qiso Isometric Tilemap Engine

Qiso is an isometric tilemap engine for Corona SDK. It handles the complexity of converting between screen, Cartesian and isometric co-ordinates, allows you to programmatically add or remove tile layers at any time, and add player or machine controlled characters. It takes care of map rendering, camera movement/zoom, and has built-in A* pathfinding algorithms. Check it out!

Wild West assets from Beatheart

Artist Beatheart has created a series of “Wild West” assets for you to use in a cowboy themed game. Each character has multiple animations available.


With the DataViz plugin, you can create Arcs, Polygons, Stars and Circle segments that are popular in many types of business and utility apps. You can manipulate colors, set palettes and named colors and more. Check it out!


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Thanks for the mention!

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Rob Miracle

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No Problem!