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Sticky physics
Started by sphamtuananh Sep 26 2018 02:19 AM

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 Primary Day is coming on Amazon! There's really just a substantial numbers of makes and services and products to pick from, and also every possible customer needs to require just a small time studying what's going to do the job well on these.  Services and products may include generic (but cheap ) 1 st production types to cutting edge edge, semi-A.I. third production apparatus.  How long they function might depend as much in the house because it may certainly on your gadget.
Now we will go over an collection of apparatus which are currently directing the manner in smart house technologies and customer robotics, robot cleansers.  When it is hobby that you begun or function, spend time doing different matters also the majority people wish to invest time cleaning our houses.  If that is you, afterward can possibly be a excellent expenditure.
The very first is I-robot, probably the very famous new at the robot home-cleaning business, whose ground-breaking ROOMBA sequence is now synonymous with all robot vacuum cleaner cleaners and also that provides an assortment of services and products that range out of the conventional Roomba 690 into the Roomba 960, the latter in that includes digital mapping which enables one to monitor its development via I-robot's cell mobile program.  Besides this Roomba, iRobot sells bots, where the Braava 380T may be the hottest being mopped by the Braava.
Arriving at number 2 is ECOVACS, that overlooks the Asian economy and is apparently shutting the gap together with I-robot from Europe and the united states.  '' the Ecovacs exact carbon copy of this Roomba 690, their Deebot N79/N79S collection, has been a 5 best-seller on Amazon and supplies a fantastic alternate to this Roomba that is more expensive.
Placing apart the many brands that are smaller, the majority that market the above 1 st production generic services and products, the worldwide industry place is dominated by just 2 businesses.
for its individuals simply coming into this distance, we'd suggest looking into possibly of those organization's flagship merchandise: iRobot Roomba 690 along with ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S.  Even the Roomba 690 can be still a fantastic initiation in to the robot because it's a logo supporting the item, cleansing market.  That the DEEBOT N79S can be just actually really a option that is fantastic as nicely as it appears to incorporate functionalities and is much costeffective.  ECOVACS is growing from the economies, though not as I-robot.  
Innovation-wise,'' Ecovacs' Deebot 900/901 show maybe perhaps not merely comprise a digital map along with cell mobile program work very similar into this Roomba 960's, but additionally includes a laser directed navigation process which lets you let the robot where just you would like to buy to completely wash, some thing that you wont access along together with additional robot vacuum cleaner versions.  Though all these really are distinct from the Braava solutions of iRobot Much like the I-robot, Ecovacs sells the Ozmo collection of cleansing robots.  Not like the latter, the Ecovacs' Ozmo robots contain an digital cleansing system which regulates water stream (which allegedly enhances cleaning overall effectiveness ) as well as not like the Braava show, the Ozmo robots have a vacuum cleaner.

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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If you use a single build of Corona, such as 3326 and it works well one day and another, it either has to be something in your code or something going on with the device slowing it down. Corona builds don't change from day-to-day. With the exception of some plugins that may have updated on you, 3326 is the exact same code both locally and on the build servers as the day it was released. We do a little stats tracking, but that happens at the beginning of the app run, so during the life of the running app, we are not generating any additional network traffic. 


So you need to look at things that could have changed:


Updated plugins. What plugins are you using?

Network traffic. Are you recording analytic data?

Memory leaks from other apps. Perhaps your device has less available memory today that it did before and the lower memory profile or something is running in the background taking away CPU cycles from your Corona app.

Source code changed. Perhaps you've made a change that has created a memory leak or causing extra processing that wouldn't show up in the simulator.


Please keep in mind that when you run in the Simulator, you're typically on a computer with a high-speed CPU with a powerful GPU, and 4GB or more RAM and tons of swap space. Most mobile devices are under 2GB of RAM, have CPU's and GPU's that are designed to be run on tiny batteries. They are a completely different class of horsepower. It may take longer for performance problems and memory leaks to show up on desktop and laptops.



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What types of physics bodies are you using and how are they defined?  Did you use Physics Editor or something like it to define the physics bodies' shapes?


Are your slow downs happening on iPhones or Androids and which models?


I lean on the physics engine heavily and have experienced something similar but only on Android devices.  My theory was that most Android devices skimp on something - RAM, memory, CPU, GPU - to reduce costs and can't hang with heavy physics use.  I might have some tricks to help you once we know a little more about the project.


Can you upload some screen shots and drawmode set to "hybrid"?