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Up-to-date Example tvOS Project
Started by jerry12 Sep 20 2018 10:13 AM

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I'm running into problems submitting a tvOS app to Apple.



ERROR ITMS-90709: "Invalid Image Asset. The image asset 'App Icon - Small' in 'Payload/App.app' is missing an image for the background layer with a scale value of '2'."


I've had no luck with fixing this error, even after reading the other thread about this same error.


I'm getting the exact same error when I compile and submit the Shape Tumbler project as suggested in that thread.


Does anyone have an example tvOS project that submits successfully to Apple as of today?


Thanks for any help.

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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I know this got answered on our Slack channel today. The best sample project for tvOS is the Physics/ShapeTumbler sample app located from the "Samples" link on the welcome window or the SampleCode/Physics/ShapeTumbler folder inside your Corona installation.