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How does lua call java packages and classes?
Started by 284672641 Sep 11 2018 09:00 AM

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How does lua call java packages and classes? I read the contents of the following two links:
Just write the code of how to call , there is no writing process, for example, just like lua calls c packaged dll library,like thes: you should first install vs2010, then use vs2010 to create a win32 console application project, named mylib (doesn't matter)..., I have attached the process of corona to compile the external library windows in the attachment. Who knows how this process of lua how to call java packages and classes?

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I don't have enough information to answer your specific question. But it doesn't appear that the two articles you mentioned are related to Corona. Since this is a Corona forum I assume you are looking for Corona information. There is some information in the native documentation about calling java:




You can also look at many examples of other people's project on GitHub. You will find my Smaato plugin there. My plugin is not finished and it intentionally only will load on Amazon devices, but you can see how I call the .jar from the Lua code.