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Question about animation
Started by a.lvamabel2018 Aug 28 2018 12:27 AM

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I have a few questions on animating sprites.


Do you have to use image sheets?


What is the most common method to animate sprites or images? Tranision, physics or image sheets.


Which is the prefered method.


I have been reading about transitions , physics and image sheets.


I am trying to make a game where sprite images appear at random and move side on the screen.


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XeduR @Spyric

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XeduR @Spyric
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If I am not mistaken, sprite animations require image sheets.

I would recommend looking into Corona's sample animation projects. They are quite helpful and you can find them by opening your simulator, and then select Help and Sample Projects. The animation projects are at the very top.

I do believe that the preferred method of animating changes from project to project, but if you want to achieve animated images, then sprite animation is your best bet.

Edit: there are also some 3rd party solutions, like Spine, that can be used to create awesome skeletal animations.