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auto-open without clicking any ads.
Started by chodongwon82 Aug 08 2018 03:06 AM

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My game is simple.
1. Show banner ads while the user is playing the puzzle.
2. Show interstitial ads when the game over.
This game has been serving for about a year.
and I have been receiving many bug reviews from many users lately.
1. auto-open Chrome and lead into and app, WITHOUT CLICKING ANY ADS.
   Occasionally or frequently during gameplay.
2. Crash occurs during gameplay.
3. Crash occurs every time the interstitial ads should be shown.
Most of the users who submitted bug reviews were using Android 8.0 devices.
So I bought and tested an Android 8.0 device, but I could not reproduce the same situation.
I have tried many patches for about a month.
tried change corona public or daily builds
and switched to the appodeal public version and appodeal.beta version
have tried many things, but the crash problem for some users of Android 8.0 devices is still not resolved.
I was a little tired
However, yesterday, the first problem occurred on my actual cell phone. (not the test device, Galaxy Note 5, Android 7.0).
I did not touch ads, and ad popups appeared.
My case occurred immediately after the first loading, and did not occur after that.
(maybe Appodeal init -> banner loaded -> show process.)
It was not a test device, so I did not leave a log.
The difference is that it was not a wifi environment.
It is a device in actual use, so there are many other apps installed.
After all, I sent the crash log on google console and my game source code to Appodeal team and Corona team.
I hope the problem is solved soon.
* Note *
No problem with iOS and all other my test Android devices.