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Failed Android build - The password for the alias was not alias was not valid ,or the Java JDK was not found.
Started by jerry1193333 Aug 07 2018 06:56 AM

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I built the sample before. It worked. 


But, this time, when I wanted to build an android app, I got a warning.


The password for the alias was not valid, or the Java JDK was not found. 




The above message is what I got. 


This is my first to make an app and programming(no concepts), so I do not understand what is mean. 

I found some methods to solve it.

1. use the cmd to get a keystore. (I don't know what I did)

2. add a "bin" after the JDK path in the environment variable. (I followed someone's method, but I think I did it wrong.)


Hope someone can help me.Please.


All the steps I followed the corona tutorials.


Sorry that my English is bad. :unsure:

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This happens sometimes. I solve it by :


1) Restart Corona simulator

2) Restart my whole pc


I guess it is something to do with connection, as this error also appears if there is a bad connection