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Matching Prices with Apple and Google Store from outside USA
Started by greg brady Aug 05 2018 04:03 PM

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greg brady

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greg brady
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If you display IAP prices in App, is there a way to match these prices with the Store Prices?


I ask this because the stores force me to use CAD for pricing.  But I want my pricing in USD .  Can I somehow accurately convert from USD to CAD to display pricing in my app? So that it matches my Store Pricing in CAD?



I hope the question is not too confusing!  What do other people do that aren't American?


Thanks, Greg





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If you're asking, "Can I get the localized price of an IAP?", the answer is, "Yes."

You can get the local price for the IAP item from the store you're attached to.

You should peek at IAP Badger to see how he does it.