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CoronaCards and Unity, is this still a supported combination?
Started by mike238 Jul 28 2018 04:17 PM

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coronacards unity bug crash
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The marketing pages all seem to indicate CoronaCards works with Unity. I can't seem to get anything more than an absolutely basic Corona game working (just rendering sprites). As soon as the physics module is used the first tick of the Corona runloop crashes the app.


I attached a back trace of the crash. This is the result of pausing Unity and then firing up a CoronaCardViewController with the following code. If the 4 physics lines are commented out the CoronaCard does run without crashing.


local physics = require( "physics" )

local sky = display.newImage( "sky.png", 160, 195 )
local ground = display.newImage( "ground.png", 160, 445 )

local crate = display.newImage( "crate.png", 180, -50 )
crate.rotation = 5

physics.addBody( ground, "static", { friction=0.5, bounce=0.3 } )
physics.addBody( crate, { density=3.0, friction=0.5, bounce=0.3 } )


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Also to clarify @mike238's post, the sample used is from https://github.com/CoronaCards/sample-ios-SimpleView/tree/master/Corona