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Mr Poopy Breakout : A funny breakout game about poop...
Started by nounousproduction Jul 20 2018 01:43 AM

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Hi everyone ! 


I'm glad to be here, to present you Mr.Poopy Breakout

It's the sequel of Mr Poopy : Poopy Roulette, an android game published one years ago that made 10 000 downloads. Our team worked hard on this project to make a smooth, funny, and enhanced game !

Mr.Poopy Breakout's goal is to destroy all the goldens bricks and pay attention to the special bricks that can spice up the game! You're only allowed one poop per game! The game is full of totally free content, there are over 100 totally different levels but also over 80 poops to collect! The game offers you the possibility to open loot-box completely free and unlock new poops classified by rarity!

It's above all a humorous game, but it's still fun and entertaining!


Description of the playstore :



Mr.Poopy is back for new epic adventures !
In this new game, our dear Mr. Poopy decided to take a bath.
Unfortunately, our hero can't relax. After few minutes in his bath, he needs to drop the poop desperatly. Huge diarrhea!
Help Mr. Poopy to make the most of this mishap.
Use his poop to break the golden bricks but watch out some bricks could give you a hard time.
If you are good enough, you could help Mr. Poopy to improve his miserable and dirty bathroom and cure his huge diarrhea!
You could also collect more than 80 poops customed.
Open the loot box : Legendary, Epic, Special, Basic...
Try to collect each one of the incredible poops released by Mr. Poopy creative b**t.
Why should you play at Mr. Poopy Breakout?
-More than a breakout game, it's a diarrhea games, fun and free.
-100 levels and each one of them are unique and entertaining.
-Each bricks will surprise you with their special effect.
-80 poops to collect. Legendary, epic, special, basic... Be the first to get each one of them.
-Decors, music, sounds, designs... Mr. Poopy universe is fun, colorful, breathtaking and fantasmagoric! An EPIC diarrhea game !
-Mr. Poopy will follow you everywhere, during long rides in car, at the beach during holidays, at work, in class... or in the toilet! Probably when you have the diahrea…
Screenshot :
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Interested? You want to support us in our work?
--> DOWNLOAD <--
Thank you so much !  :)

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Congrats on your second s%$t game. Downloaded and played a few rounds. I should be too old to laugh at poop, but I actually did (at one point my screen was covered in poop and I couldn't stop laughing). 

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Hahaha, Thank you!

I'm happy to see that you liked the game, you're comment is really funny!😂