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New Game: Muddled - A MUD-like RPG (Android)
Started by dave.croucher Jul 10 2018 06:36 PM

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Hi guys,






I recently (about a month ago) started using the Corona SDK. My first project started off as a proof of concept but, given the power and flexibility of the Corona SDK, soon became a playable game (much to my delight).


Basically, it's a 2D adventure game, very simple. The game is far from finished and the map needs a lot of expanding as does the monster database etc.


I have added a Google Play login to the game, along with Google Leaderboards. The game data itself saves to a mysql database on my domain using _POST and _GET responses.


I have released the game the game to the Google Play Store for open beta testing.


I'd love it if any of you wanted to check it out and provide some feedback.