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Not receiving AdMob Ads
Started by rbgmob Jul 08 2018 05:32 PM

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admob ads monetization plugins subscribed error
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Hey Corona Forums,


Just recently subscribed to a years licence of the AdMob plugin, and currently am not impressed.


Granted, this is most likely an issue on my side of things, so this level of un-impressiveness could potentially be addressed to myself, however, I am almost certain that I have followed and implemented the latest API plugin code for AdMob and followed the below 100% correctly:


- admob.init  (Initialization)

- admob.load    (loading interstitial ad)

- admob.show   (showing interstitial ad)


When I built my project for my physical android device to test AdMob ads, I seem to be receiving no ads.


Now, on AdMob side of things, I do indeed have a profile/account, I have setup an App and have an associated App Id, I also created an  Interstitial Ad Unit and have the associated Interstitial Ad Id, both in which are letter for letter copied into my application in both, the .init function call and .load function call.


If anyone could give me some pointers/ guidance as to what exactly I am doing wrong here/ is also encountering the same problem... please please please let me know what you did to get around this?




Jarrad T.

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-- AdMob listener function
local function adListener( event )
    if ( event.phase == "init" ) then  -- Successful initialization
        admob.load( "banner", { adUnitId=bannerUnitID } )
        elseif ( event.phase == "loaded" ) then
         admob.show( "banner" )
admob.init( adListener, { appId=appID, testMode=true } )
try this!