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Statusbar shows white text on almost-white background - unreadable
Started by henrik5 Jul 06 2018 04:35 AM

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statusbar background readability
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See the attached screenshot from an Android 8.1.0 phone


I tried changing from display.setStatusBar(display.DefaultStatusBar) to display.setStatusBar(display.DarkStatusBar) to no avail.


The background color is the same as the "navbar", but obviously the OS doesn't know it's anything more than a rect in a displaygroup.

So it's very curious, since I set display.setDefault("background",0).

Edit: I did draw behind the statusbar. Since I didn't request a transparent statusbar, I thought this was safe.


So what remains is a side note that the Corona Simulator doesn't display a statusbar at all if an Android model is chosen, and if an Iphone model is chosen to preview with, Dark and Default statusbars don't show light statusbar text against the new black background.

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Have you tried the status bar sample app in SampleCode/Interface/StatusBar and cycled through the various status bar options there? Android is using new names for their status bars today.




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