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WebView showing blank page when loading page from temporary or caches directory
Started by fabriciomssspam Jun 28 2018 01:52 PM

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Guys this thing is driving me crazy.


I have a local HTML file that i want to display inside a webview.

This file is changed dynamically so i cant leave it inside system.ResourceDirectory.


I tested it on phone simulator and everything goes well.


The problem is, when I test it on real phone the webview page doesn't show. Just a blank scene.


The problem only happened if I place the requested file inside system.TemporaryDirectory or system.CachesDirectory. If I use system.ResourceDirectory the page is displayed correctly.


Here is the code to display it.

	local myFilePath = htmlPath
        print("Requested File: "..myFilePath)
	local webView = native.newWebView(display.contentCenterX, display.contentCenterY, display.contentWidth, display.contentHeight )
	webView:request( myFilePath )
	local file = io.open(myFilePath, 'r')
		print(file:read( "*a" ))

As you can see I checked if the file is empty, but that is not the case. (Of course, when I tried it with ResourceDirectory I get an expected error on io.open but the webview is displayed correctly behind the error message)


Do i need special permission or something like that to request page from cache or temp folder?


BTW I am using android 7.0, don't know if it matters.