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Issues with Video Format: iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8
Started by zdeveloper Jun 20 2018 12:24 PM

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Video is being captured with the newer HEVC Codex with an iPhone 8 but with h.264 for iPhone 7 and older devices.  Most browsers still can't display / open the HEVC format. 


This article shows how to set your device to capture video with the h.264 format (more standard / highly available).  Basically, you go into Settings on the device and configure to "Most Compatible"



When we take video using the standard camera app, these settings work, and the video is recorded with the correct codec. However, when we use our app to capture video which uses the function media.captureVideo(). 

iPhone 7 video is always captured with h.264 codec regardless of the Setting. With an iPhone 8, video is captured with HEVC regardless of the setting...which is a problem as our web app can't show HEVC and most users can't view it without downloading and installing a dedicated viewer. 


Is this a known issue?  Any guidance?