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iOS application suspended state issue
Started by janez Jun 19 2018 06:19 AM

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i'm having problems with looping sound which should get stopped during cancelled or ended state of touch event. The problem occurs if I press home button on my iPad when I'm holding or moving an object which started playing loop sound on its began touch phase. I stop the looping channel in cancelled or ended phase of touch with audio.stop(). All the code in cancelled or ended state of touch event executes as it should, except audio.stop(). It doesn't stop the looping channel and it returns that no channels were stopped as you can see from debug log bellow, even though the sound was playing on that channel. When I reopen(resume) my app i still hear the looping sound and if i try to stop the channel that was previously playing the looping sound, the sound still presists.
default	15:25:13.869721 +0200	my-game 	GAME (1529414713): phase
default	15:25:13.869851 +0200	my-game 	GAME (1529414713): moved
default	15:25:15.744075 +0200	my-game 	LIB_1 (1529414715): System event name and type: system -> applicationSuspend
default	15:25:15.744114 +0200	my-game 	LIB_2 (1529414715): -------- applicationSuspend -------------------------------
default	15:25:15.744195 +0200	my-game 	LIB_3 (1529414715): applicationSuspend
default	15:25:15.744232 +0200	my-game 	LIB_4 (1529414715): applicationSuspend
default	15:25:15.744268 +0200	my-game 	LIB_5 (1529414715): applicationSuspend
default	15:25:15.744306 +0200	my-game 	LIB_6 (1529414715): applicationSuspend
default	15:25:15.896910 +0200	my-game 	1431: Stopping AURemoteIO(0x15c88b640)
default	15:25:16.517687 +0200	my-game 	GAME (1529414716): phase
default	15:25:16.517767 +0200	my-game 	GAME (1529414716): cancelled
default	15:25:16.517886 +0200	my-game 	GAME (1529414716): sound_loop_channel:
default	15:25:16.524274 +0200	my-game 	GAME (1529414716): 3
default	15:25:16.526562 +0200	my-game 	GAME (1529414716): sound_loop_channel is not nil
default	15:25:16.527541 +0200	my-game 	GAME (1529414716): calling audio.stop
default	15:25:16.528089 +0200	my-game 	GAME (1529414716): number of stopped channels: 0

Best regards.