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need help?
Started by msmike280 Jun 13 2018 11:36 PM

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We apply for ios certificate usually need to use Apple mac computer to apply, our Appuploader software, you can try to apply for ios certificate on Windows computer, convenient for developers

without Mac Mac computer to apply for ios certificate and upload ipa file, because there are a lot of development Tools can be developed directly in Windows ios APP, which is a good auxiliary software.
The following describes the use of Appuploader software to apply for  distribution certificate

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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@msmike280, first welcome to the Corona community forums. 


I believe this is a re-attempt to post content to our forums that is not useful to our customers. Corona requires a Mac to build iOS, tvOS and macOS apps. Being able to manage certificates from Windows, while cool, doesn't change the fact that Xcode is a requirement for Corona.


I'll be locking this thread. Please do not continue to promote this product here. It's not beneficial to our community.


Thanks for understanding