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How to get a response of an Azure Runbook started with webhook?
Started by bargavi2307 Jun 13 2018 10:32 PM

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As I know (and Microsoft is always pointing), Runbooks will help you to do automation progress. Related to the MindMajix Azure , it's possible to call (start/run) a Runbook, from external application using HTML POST request. and there is some simple response code to determine what is the status of post request, But seems there is no more possibility to get more response from the progress.

Am I searching wrong place and using wrong tool to make automation in Azure Could or there is some ways to send a request to Runnbok and get some response?

Extra Note: I know that it's possible to Call a Runbook from another Runbook using WorkFlow and get some responses, but the problem is if I Start a Runbook using webhook, and if there is no way to get any more response except those simple status codes, then how I can determine what is the result of my first call to do some automation? There should be some ways to get the Final result of a Runbook progress to make a decision for next step, else, Runbooks will be meaningless for automation!

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Rob Miracle

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Hello @bargavi2307 and welcome to the Corona community forums.


Our forums are to discuss making apps with Corona. Your post is in the off topic sub-forum, but this post is really off topic.  I'm not sure how much help you're going to get from our community and you may be better off asking your question on a more appropriate site. 


Also, this feels like it's a potential spam post with the link you have above. These types of promotions are not permitted here unless it has benefit to Corona developers. Please keep future posts to Corona related topics.


Thanks for understanding