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Need help?
Started by nguyennhii13579 Jun 13 2018 05:58 PM

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Is it even possible? We're running a campaign with Free App a Day for Quopples, starting in 4 hours. We'd like to make Quopples free for Android users as well during the campaign period, but I can't find that it's possible. We can switch the app to Free, but then it's not possible to switch it back to paid later. And it's not possible to put 0 dollars in the price field.

Do we need to create a new app for the paid version but set it to free, and unpublish it after the campaign has ended? Not a good solution, though, it's going to create a rush of support tickets in the future from users who downloaded the paid app for free and need to re-download it later when it no longer exists as free.

Any suggestions? Anyone tackled this before?