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Corona sdk printer bluetooth using social native.showpopup
Started by mekaingan Jun 01 2018 10:03 PM

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I try to develop app on Android which can print using Bluetooth Termal Printer.
I had read several reference about it and try to use Social native.showPopup() which can share Text or Image use Bluetooth sharing.

First, I set my Bluetooth Printer to connect with my Android Phone and try did a print test using it's own app and it run well.

But, after I use my app that I develop, and try share Text or Image using Social native.showPopup(), after I select share using Bluetooth, the bluetooth list only show Phone Devices and not show any Printer Bluetooth.

I already test it on Tab with Android OS version 4.4.2 and Android phone OS version 7, but still only detect Bluetooth Phone Devices, and not detect Printer Bluetooth.

Is that Social native.showPopup especially on Bluetooth can only share Text or Image to phone device only?

Any help or suggestion will be very appreciate.

Best regards,