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doorbell.io and corona
Started by agramonte May 31 2018 08:44 AM

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doorbell.io feedback
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Not as feature rich as Zendesk (no document repo, no social network monitor) but it does have a free plan. Here is my implementation in case anybody ever wants to use it. Register here: https://doorbell.io


Right before or when you open the feedback window:

local json = require "json";
local body = {} local params = {} params.body = json.encode(body)
network.request( "https://doorbell.io/api/applications/<yourID>/open?key=<yourAppKey>", "POST", networkListener, params )

To send the feedback:

local json = require "json";
local body = {}
body.email = email
body.message = message --String of message
local headers = {}
headers["Content-Type"] = "application/json"

local params = {}
params.body = json.encode(body)
params.headers = headers

print("requestBody:", params.body)	 
network.request( "https://doorbell.io/api/applications/<yourId>/submit?key=<yourAppKey>", "POST", networkListener, params )

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Cool. I'd like to do something like this for our betas... Thanks for sharing!