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Think of fonts like white bitmaps
Started by michael.toan016 May 30 2018 06:08 PM

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As seen in the images, the font is shown as a black outline with white inside lettering. This in the font file, however, are simply the borders with transparent insides (where the white would be in the screenshot). In Corona when setting the fill color of the font, it only affects the outline of the font (black part in the screenshot), and leaves the inside transparent.


Is there any way to make it with display.newText so that the outside has the black border and the inside is white (just as seen in the screenshot in the link above).


If not, is there a way to splice together the letters as individual images to make my own font system, or would this use too much graphic power (as I will be spawning bits of text very very frequently).


If anybody has any thoughts as to how I can accomplish this it would be very much appreciated.



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Q: No screenshot and no link?  You referred to them, but they are not in the post.


Regardless, standard text objects do not support strokes.


I suggest using bitmapped fonts.  They are easy to use and very flexible.


This is a great library for it: https://github.com/ponywolf/ponyfont


Are you a Mac or Windows user?  


OS X Tools:


Windows Tools: 

OS X Tool:


Online Tool: