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hi guy,i have a question,please help me!
Started by maria.smile509 May 29 2018 11:37 PM

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Hi Corona Community,


I was wondering if we have finer control over each individual emitter particle. Namely, I have the 2 following questions:

1) Is it possible to rotate each individual particle, after it is created? (I am NOT talking about radialAcceleration,  tangentialAcceleration, or rotatePerSecond, which dictates the path of particles.) In particular, I want to achieve uniform linear motion (ULM) with rotation. If you are having trouble imagining this, think of wheels on a car, etc. If you are still having trouble comprehending, see this UFO .gif file attached. (Ignore the last second of the gif, where the UFO zooms off to infinity with near-infinite acceleration  -_-)


2) Is it possible to change the size of each individual particle externally after the emitter is started?


I've tried

transition.to(emitter, {time = 1000, xScale = 3, yScale = 3}) 

but what that did was multiply the distance of each particle from the origin by xScale and yScale, but did NOT increase the size of each particle, which is the behavior I wanted.


I even tried (out of desperation) the following:

transition.to(emitter, {time = 1000, startParticleSize = 300, finishParticleSize = 300}) 

in the hopes that the start/finishParticleSize parameters will be passed to the underlying object which is "emitter", but to absolutely no surprise, that did not work..


Is what I am trying to do even possible? And if so, how would I go about doing it?


Thanks in advance!  :)

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You cannot address/reference individual particles created by:  https://docs.coronalabs.com/api/library/display/newEmitter.html


You may want to considering using of of the alternate particle systems:


  • Prism
  • CBEffects