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Started by sereginalex May 28 2018 07:03 AM

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pickerwhell scrolling
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Please tell me pickerWheel1 = widget.newPickerWheel {}
as after the creation to change the value in it, I tried different commands.
in theory, you can delete and create a widget, just looking for a normal option.
Suppose there is a database. We remove the floor, and select the name of the character by scrolling. At the request of the floor, change the value of the pickerWheel widget.
Sorry for my English!
I will be glad to any advice!

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Tim Light

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Tim Light
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Hi, can you share with us your source code files to see what is trying to do? Because it's hard to help you without looking into the code. You can post a link to the media share cloud for example. Next time, if you want to find the reply faster, please, follow this instruction "Ask a Better Question, Get a Better Answer"
Best regards,