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Animation shows in Tiled Map Editor but not in Corona Simulator or build running in Iphone 7
Started by IndieEnthusiast May 22 2018 03:22 PM

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dusk tiled map editor animation
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Can someone please help me with an issue I am having  :( . I am not able to see the animation from Tiled map editor after I run build in corona simulator.


Here is what I am using :

Dusk Engine

- Tiled map editor

- Corona sdk

- Xcode to build in iphone 7


Here is a description of the problem :

- I created fire animation using a sprite sheet in Tiled map editor

- Dragged the fire animation in one of the layers in Tiled map editor

- Fire animation clearly shows in my Tiled map editor

- The animation does not show up in corona simulator

- The animation does not show up on ios after building using xcode in iphone 7

- Tile map properties I have added anim:enabled true


Am I missing something? I was expecting the fire animation from the tile layer to show up in corona simulator too  :( Some assistance would be much appreciated and also a step by step guide if possible. Thanks.

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I have tried help you but it seems demos doesn't work so I stop trying. 




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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Have there been edited/deleted posts in this thread? Something seems missing.




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