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SSK2 - Screenshot Helper
Started by roaminggamer May 21 2018 01:20 PM

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Hey guys and gals.  


I recently added a hidden feature to SSK that makes it easy to make screenshots from the simulator w/o the frame and even if the simulator is partly off-screen (Windows has an issue with this during some screenshot ops).


To use it, get the latest SSK and continue using it as you do, but add this at the top of main.lua after you init() SSK.

ssk.misc.enableScreenshotHelper( "s" )

The argument specifies the hot-key for snapping a screenshot.  (By default it is the F5 key.)


The images will be sent to your Pictures folder.


On Windows (for me) that is: C:\Users\RoamingGamer\Pictures\Corona Simulator


This is NOT intended for use on device, but I think you could capture the back button to do this if you wanted. 


The code is in misc.lua at the end.