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Experienced Freelance Corona Developer - Available For Work
Started by niilotippler May 19 2018 08:53 PM

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My name is Niilo, and I am a freelance developer located in Los Angeles, CA. I have been building cross-platform mobile games and apps with Corona since 2013. Corona is my engine of choice for mobile development and I love coding in Lua!


Some background on me:

I am a Brit and moved to the US in 1995. I have been programming for 37 years, self taught, and am fluent in more than a dozen languages including Lua, C/C++, C#, Javascript, Actionscript (2 & 3), Haxe, PHP, BASIC, Pascal and Fortran. I've worked in a wide variety of industries and built software that includes industrial automation and CAD/CAM systems, multimedia edutainment CDROMs, PoP and marketing presentations, websites and games. I spent 13 years working primarily with Flash, and have been developing mobile apps and games since 2007.


I particularly enjoy working on games and apps for kids, but also education and the gamification of subjects which one might not normally consider (see Ethanol Challenge and Ziggy The Beer Yeast below). I have developed my own core framework which allows me to build games quickly and utilize a consistent structure and behavior model which helps speed up development and easily provide for maintenance and updates. I make extensive use of TexturePacker and Spine for handling animations, and I particularly enjoy building games which involve physics. I love a challenge and relish solving problems.


Below are some of the projects I've worked on that have been built with Corona:


The Breathing Butterfly, Pastor Fish




Novozymes Ethanol Challenge



Ziggy The Beer Yeast



Darien Gold Pilates




I am looking for new projects of all sizes and types, and am also available to assist with problem solving, bug fixes and consultation at a very reasonable hourly rate. I prefer to work remotely from home as I have family medical care responsibilities, but am available for IM/Phone/Skype and will always return emails promptly.


If you are interested in hiring me for your project, or would like me to assist in finding a solution to a coding problem, please contact me at niilo.tippler@gmail.com


Thank you!


Niilo Tippler