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App crash when after update app from App Store
Started by steve946 May 16 2018 11:38 PM

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crash ios update appstore
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Build Version:2018.3257


The app crash when after update app from App Store.But When i uninstall then reinstall the app,it wouldn't crash.

The app crash without a splash Logo.

We can't additional updating for ours app until this problem will be solved.
Please tell or let me know additional info or advice or tech of corona to solve it.

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Do you mean that the app crash before the splash screen?

It's perhaps a savegame who don t work on your update?

Try to put in your main a timer before execute anything.

Do you use any plugin?

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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When you say it works if you delete the old one and replace it, and it doesn't work with a straight up update, that sounds like your update doesn't work with some old saved data.  That's where I would start looking.  You can also upload a version to iTunes Connect and set it up with testflight then download it and watch your Xcode console log for errors.




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