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A quick question about create multiplayer
Started by phanthihuyen0699 May 15 2018 12:30 AM

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I want to create multiplayer game but I really don't have any idea where to start.I searched forums and I got something like Gamespark and about google multiplayer service.Is anybody having any tutorials or demo projects.If so please tell me.Also I want to learn advanced coding in lua. Can somebody send me some tutorials of them as well?


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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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One of the reasons for a lack of tutorials is that there are way too many ways to do multi-player. It's a very broad term that includes everything from a two-player turn-based game (think Words with Friends) to a near real-time game like Fortnite. It includes LAN/WiFi games to Internet based games. 


Then there is the sheer number of online services that you can choose from. Google supports multi-player through their Google Play Game Services (GPGS) and Apple supports multi-player through GameCenter. Neither of these are cross-platform solutions. Gamesparks and PlayFab are two services that have plugins for Corona that you can use.  You can see some additional plugins on our docs site:  




And in our Marketplace:




Any community advice is going to need to know more about what you want to do. Can you provide more information about what type of game you want to make?