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Loading New Scene Before Old Closes
Started by drewwilliams1111 May 10 2018 01:18 PM

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Hi I think I am having problems understanding composer a bit.  How I have been handling scene changes is like this.


I am using the scene template.  Every object be it text or image I add to a table called allObjects then when I need to change screens I use the following type of code below.  I put a print("screen 1") right before I use composer.removeScene and print("screen 2") right at the beginning of screen 2 and in console I always see screen 2 before screen 1.  Shouldnt composer handle this, like screen2 cannot show until screen 1 is completely destroyed?  


Even with the timer I can see in console output that screen 2 is loading before screen 1 removes itself.  

local function changeScreen(nextScreen)

-- Move to Next Screen
local function nextScreen()
	for t=#allObjects,1,-1 do
allObjects[t] = nil
changeScreenTimer = timer.performWithDelay( 250, changeScreen("nextScreen"), 1)

Just to add now I can see that this error just started to occur after I started to use certain graphics.  Upon closer look at the dimensions of the graphics I can see that they are huge and I am scaling them down from (2538x832) could this be whats causing the problem?  If i change this graphic to any random graphic normal size I do not get this problem.

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Firstly, if you add all objects to composer's scene.view, you don't need to manually remove them - composer will do this when you call removeScene. I usually call this from the 'did' phase of scene:show in the new scene.


Composer can't remove the old scene before the new is shown because there is the option to have transition effects between the two.

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Thanks for this I felt what I was doing was very inefficient.  I have rewritten all the code now with display groups and all code should be in relevant spaces within the scene template.  By any chance can someone please tell me if I have put the elements in the proper places and am handling destroying everything correctly before moving to next scene.

local composer = require( "composer" )

local scene = composer.newScene()

-- Hide status bar
display.setStatusBar( display.HiddenStatusBar )

-- Set Variables for Device Width and Height
local deviceWidth = display.contentWidth
local deviceHeight = display.contentHeight

--Define All Objects
local coinHolder, coinImageHolder, actualCoins, exitButton, pauseWindow, playButton, settingsButton, purchaseButton
local difficultyWord, difficultyChooserWindow1, difficultyChooserWindow2, difficultyChooserWindow3, easyChooserWindow

local json = require( "json" )
--Load Saved Game Variables
local gameFilesPath = system.pathForFile( "gameFiles.json", system.DocumentsDirectory )
local gameFiles = io.open( gameFilesPath, "r")
local contents = gameFiles:read( "*a" )
local gameFilesContents = json.decode( contents )
local coinsFile = gameFilesContents[1]
local livesFile = gameFilesContents[2]
io.close( gameFiles)

--Set Audio Volumes
audio.setVolume( gameFilesContents[5], { channel=1 } )
audio.setVolume( gameFilesContents[6], { channel=2 } )

-- Set Sounds
local selectLetter
selectLetter = audio.loadSound( "select.wav" )

--Global Variables
local pause = 0
local backGroup, difficultyGroup

--Bring Difficulty Screen To Front
local function chooseDifficulty(event)
  if pause == 0 then
    audio.play(selectLetter, {channel=2} )
    if ( event.phase == "began" ) then
      pause = 1

--Close Difficulty Screen
local function closeDifficulty(event)
  pause = 0
  if ( event.phase == "began" ) then
    audio.play(selectLetter, {channel=2} )

-- Move to the Easy Screen
local function easyLevelsScreen()
  if pause == 1 then
    audio.play(selectLetter, {channel=2} )
    composer.gotoScene( "easyLevelChooser" )

function scene:create( event )
  local sceneGroup = self.view

  --Set Scene Groups
  backGroup = display.newGroup()
  sceneGroup:insert( backGroup )
  difficultyGroup = display.newGroup()
  sceneGroup:insert( difficultyGroup )

  -- Set Background
  local background = display.newImageRect(backGroup, "mainBackground.png", deviceWidth, deviceHeight )
  background.x = display.contentCenterX
  background.y = display.contentCenterY

  -- Set Bottom Button Holder Image
  local mainBottom = display.newImageRect(backGroup, "mainBottom.png", deviceWidth*.75, deviceWidth*.22)
  mainBottom.x = display.contentCenterX ; mainBottom.y = deviceHeight*.82

  -- Set Title
  local titleTop = display.newImageRect(backGroup, "candy.png", deviceWidth*.456, deviceWidth*.19)
  titleTop.x = display.contentCenterX ; titleTop.y = deviceHeight*.21
  local mainMiddleImage = display.newImageRect(backGroup, "mainMiddle.png", deviceWidth*.2, deviceWidth*.11)
  mainMiddleImage.x = deviceWidth*.6 ; mainMiddleImage.y = deviceHeight*.35
  local titleBottom = display.newImageRect(backGroup, "words.png", deviceWidth*.456, deviceWidth*.15)
  titleBottom.x = display.contentCenterX ; titleBottom.y = deviceHeight*.47

  -- Set Coins And Lives
  local healthHolder = display.newImageRect(backGroup, "topImageCounter.png", deviceWidth*.15, deviceWidth*.072)
  healthHolder.x = deviceWidth*.91 ; healthHolder.y = deviceHeight*.08
  local healthImageHolder = display.newImageRect(backGroup, "health.png", deviceWidth*.035, deviceWidth*.035)
  healthImageHolder.x = deviceWidth*.952 ; healthImageHolder.y = deviceHeight*.07
  coinHolder = display.newImageRect(backGroup, "topImageCounter.png", deviceWidth*.15, deviceWidth*.072)
  coinHolder.x = deviceWidth*.74 ; coinHolder.y = deviceHeight*.08
  coinImageHolder = display.newImageRect(backGroup, "coin.png", deviceWidth*.037, deviceWidth*.037)
  coinImageHolder.x = deviceWidth*.782 ; coinImageHolder.y = deviceHeight*.066
  actualCoins = display.newText(backGroup, coinsFile, deviceWidth*.71, deviceHeight*.074, "RifficFree-Bold.ttf", 15 )
  local actualLives = display.newText(backGroup, livesFile, deviceWidth*.88, deviceHeight*.074, "RifficFree-Bold.ttf", 15 )

  -- Set Play, Purchase and Settings Buttons
  playButton = display.newImageRect(backGroup, "playButton.png", deviceWidth*.15, deviceWidth*.15 )
  playButton.x = display.contentCenterX ; playButton.y = deviceHeight*.77
  settingsButton = display.newImageRect(backGroup, "settingsButton.png", deviceWidth*.11, deviceWidth*.11 )
  settingsButton.x = (display.contentCenterX-(deviceWidth*.17)) ; settingsButton.y = deviceHeight*.8
  purchaseButton = display.newImageRect(backGroup, "purchaseButton.png", deviceWidth*.11, deviceWidth*.11 )
  purchaseButton.x = display.contentCenterX+(deviceWidth*.17) ; purchaseButton.y = deviceHeight*.8

  -- Declare Variables For Difficulty Chooser Menu
  exitButton = display.newImageRect(difficultyGroup, "exit.png", deviceWidth*.08, deviceWidth*.08 )
  pauseWindow = display.newImageRect(difficultyGroup, "pauseWindow.png", deviceWidth*.82, deviceHeight )
  difficultyWord = display.newImageRect(difficultyGroup, "difficulty.png", deviceWidth*.35, deviceWidth*.092 )
  difficultyChooserWindow1 = display.newImageRect(difficultyGroup, "difficultyChooser4.png", deviceWidth*.18, deviceHeight*.49 )
  difficultyChooserWindow2 = display.newImageRect(difficultyGroup, "difficultyChooser3.png", deviceWidth*.18, deviceHeight*.49 )
  difficultyChooserWindow3 = display.newImageRect(difficultyGroup, "difficultyChooser2.png", deviceWidth*.18, deviceHeight*.5 )
  easyChooserWindow = display.newImageRect(difficultyGroup, "difficultyChooser1.png", deviceWidth*.18, deviceHeight*.49 )

  --X, Y Coordinates of Difficulty Objects
  difficultyWord.x = display.contentCenterX ; difficultyWord.y = deviceHeight*.16
  difficultyChooserWindow1.x = deviceWidth*.78 ; difficultyChooserWindow1.y = deviceHeight*.61
  difficultyChooserWindow2.x = deviceWidth*.593 ; difficultyChooserWindow2.y = deviceHeight*.61
  difficultyChooserWindow3.x = deviceWidth*.408 ; difficultyChooserWindow3.y = deviceHeight*.61
  easyChooserWindow.x = deviceWidth*.222 ; easyChooserWindow.y = deviceHeight*.61
  pauseWindow.x = display.contentCenterX ; pauseWindow.y = display.contentCenterY - (deviceHeight*.01)
  exitButton.x = deviceWidth*.84 ; exitButton.y = deviceHeight*.23

  --Create Event Listeners
  playButton:addEventListener( "touch", chooseDifficulty ) -- Set Play Button Touch Listener
  exitButton:addEventListener( "touch", closeDifficulty ) -- Set Exit Screen Button Touch Listener
  easyChooserWindow:addEventListener( "touch", easyLevelsScreen )

--Once Screen Loads
function scene:show( event )
  local sceneGroup = self.view
  local phase = event.phase
  if ( phase == "will" ) then
  elseif ( phase == "did" ) then
    closeDifficulty("notEvent") --Close Difficulty Elements When Screen Starts

--Terminate Screen
function scene:hide( event )
  local sceneGroup = self.view
  local phase = event.phase
  if ( phase == "will" ) then
  elseif ( phase == "did" ) then
  	audio.stop( 2 )
    composer.removeScene( "menu" )

--Destroy Screen
function scene:destroy( event )
  local sceneGroup = self.view
  package.loaded["json"] = nil
  selectLetter = nil
  audio.dispose( selectLetter )
  selectLetter = nil

-- Scene event function listeners
scene:addEventListener( "create", scene )
scene:addEventListener( "show", scene )
scene:addEventListener( "hide", scene )
scene:addEventListener( "destroy", scene )
return scene