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AppLovin Free- Rewarded Ad shows only once on iOS
Started by shashwat Apr 27 2018 10:56 AM

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We have an AppLovin Free implementation in our app where a rewarded ad (if loaded) is displayed on the click of a button and a call is subsequently made to cache a new rewarded ad. 


On Android, we are able to watch ads one after another as long as a new one is loaded and available. 


On ios, the situation is a little different-- the first ad loads up fine and using debug messages, we can see that  a new AppLovin ad is also loaded. But, when we try to play the newly loaded ad, the playback doesn't begin at all. 


We only call the show() function when we have already checked that an ad is available and a new rewarded as is available but it just doesn't play. 


I tried debugging by studying the events from the listener and there is no failure or error message-- the show call goes through alright but it never gets to the playback stage. 


Like I said, this problem is only on iOS-- on Android, ads come up as frequently as the action is requested, provided, of course, they were available. 


We do not have any frequency cap for ios rewarded ads either-- I should also add that if I exit the app on ios, run it again and then play an ad, an applovin rewarded ad is shown as expected. 


Help will be greatly appreciated. 


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We will help you find the issue, but you'll have to make a bug submission at https://portal.coronalabs.com/bug-submission.

Make sure to include a sample (the simpler the better, just the ads logic is fine) to reproduce an issue and I'll get back to you asap.